The energy market has shown continuous growth for 20 years despite a lackluster innovation. We've seen the same 5 ingredients--caffeine, B vitamins, carnitine, taurine and sugar--recycled over and over. The chief differentiators are branding and distribution, rather than a different or better experience.


Dynamine™ offers a whole new experience (rapid-onset, clean energy, motivation and focus), with a safety profile to match. Let's disrupt the category with a surprising and effective new formula.

Here are the formulation quick-facts:


Dynamine™ is a nature-identical compound of a purine alkaloid naturally occurring in kucha tea. It is a patented, fast-acting, high-impact energy, mood, motivation and focus ingredient. It is thought to activate dopamine receptors and modulate adenosine receptors.


  • Clean, rapid increase in energy, motivation and focus
  • Supports a motivation/drive to initiate and finish tasks
  • Users report increased energy, motivation and "dialed in" focus
  • Onset within 30 minutes (for many, within 15)
  • Typical duration of action (in combination with caffeine) is around three hours
  • No crash, no jitters
  • GRAS-certified
  • Informed-Choice / Informed-Sport Certified


  • Colorless, soluble and stable in water
  • Moderately bitter; a tasteless version is available for powder applications
  • Non-stimulant (preliminary data supports no increase in heart rate or blood pressure)
  • Human clinical and animal preclinical safety and efficacy studies are ongoing