The foundation of gut health, and arguably human health, is short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). As gut health is intricately tied to nearly all physiological systems (brain, immune, skin, muscle, etc.), CoreBiome® is the foundational ingredient for gut formulas that formerly only included probiotics. Many are realizing probiotics are transient and difficult to colonize in an inflamed gut. Getting the gut back into balance with CoreBiome® and prebiotics is the first step.


only corebiome®:

  • is our #1 selling SCFA on the market
  • has multiple patents
  • has clinically substantiated bioavailability in the colon
  • has clinically substantiated improvement in boosting butyrate-producing bacteria (patented)
  • has an ongoing clinical study pipeline
  • is self-affirmed GRAS and regulatory compliant
  • has marketable claims
  • is from GMP manufacturers 
  • is branded and researched
  • has eliminated bad smell
  • is available in granules, liquid and powder forms, and that can also work in all of these dosage forms:
    • Two-piece capsule
    • Softgels
    • Liquid caps
    • DuoCaps or ComboCaps

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